a graphic novel series created by tony ward


c. 1474, Iceland.


Chosen to the Locus

1499, Akureyri, Iceland, age c. 25.



Ármann is a naturally intimidating presence: he stands approx. 5’11, a tall figure for his time; he is muscular and handsome, with reddish-brown curly hair, hazel eyes. He is perpetually intense, watchful, and brooding.


About Ármann

Ármann was Chosen to the Locus while fleeing a gang of bandits who had already severly wounded him. Michael was the first to greet him on his arrival, and Ármann immediately developed a profound loyalty to him. Since then, Ármann has been Michael's de facto lieutenant, his greatest ally and weapon in maintaining his brand of justice in the Locus. Ármann's guarded nature conceals a deep concern for his fellows, a devotion subject only to his fealty to Michael. Kimi's disappearance troubled him greatly, and he has been searching for her diligently.

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