a graphic novel series created by tony ward


16th century, Brussels.


Chosen to the Locus

1623, Brussels.



Charles is a rotund and gregarious man in his biological mid-fifties. He stands about 5'5, and carefully manicures his silver-streaked beard. Charles is peppery-haired and brown-eyed; his manner of dress is noble and professorial, but easy; always a jacket, never a tie.


About Charles

Charles (Carolus) Zahradnik was born into a family of gardeners, employed by the fastidious Archbishop of Prague in his mortal years. He was made to toil far too hard for a man of his physical makeup; his passage through an iron garden gate into the Locus was as life-saving as it was life-changing, and he immediately eschewed his mortal existence. He has made a small fortune by surreptitiously exploiting his centuries of life into an uncanny authority on antiques, and contributes much of this wealth to the Companions as a whole. He maintains a stunningly appointed penthouse in Manhattan, complete with a rooftop garden; free of the thumb of an oppressive master, he can craft life with joy. Charles is quick-witted, dry and sarcastic, but deeply compassionate and paternal, particularly to Méline.

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