a graphic novel series created by tony ward


c. 1422, Brussels.


Chosen to the Locus

17 May 1449, Bad Segeburg, Germany.



Gerhard is a large man for his time, standing six feet tall and carrying the girth of a man who over-indulges in food and drink. His red hair is bright and bushy, but his slate-colored eyes are cold and downcast.


About Gerhard

Gerhard was the only child of a wealthy family in Brussels, but his temperament and predilections, culminating in a number of incidents of abuse among his peers, compelled his terrified mother to forsake his birthright and force him into the priesthood. Angered and embittered, he served with unyielding disdain for the Church and its people until the day he was Chosen. His actions triggered the greatest and most horrific tragedy in the history of the Locus. Although he has not been seen nor heard from since, his legacy and influence place the Companions of the late 20th Century in grave danger.

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