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 Enjoy a world shaped by your every whim.

Be free from injury, illness, want, and fear.

Live forever.

Or die trying.


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The story of The Locus reaches far back in time, but our journey within it begins in November 1999. Jim Michalek, a struggling thirty-something in urban Chicago, finds himself chosen to the Locus—an extra-dimensional plane of existence which reveals itself to eight individuals at any one time. To the eight persons chosen to the Locus— the Companions— come a wealth of life-changing gifts, including eternal life. Jim quickly discovers how dramatically this elite company changes one’s life, as he finds himself embroiled in a world of profound connection, cold-hearted destruction, eternal life, and violent death.


As Jim’s life in the Locus progresses, we discover the story of Gerhard, a 15th-century German priest whose entry into the Locus heralds an age of change, deceit, and doom for the original Companions, and whose actions set forth a chain of events that place Jim and his contemporaries in grave danger.


The story of The Locus reaches across the globe and the spectrum of history, creating an unbounded historically connected framework on which to build and grow this story of eternal life and humanity’s inability to endure it.


Read a sample:

Vol. I, Trouble the Waters, #1: Malcolm's Letter to the Companions
Vol. I, Trouble the Waters, #3: Méline Connects with Jim


The series consists of 27 issues in nine volumes, with the potential to extend far further. At present, this is an unpublished script. Initial fundraising is underway to bring talented artists on board in preparation for submittal to publishers. To donate to this project, read on.


The Locus is intended for mature audiences, and contains language, violence, and topics which may not be suitable for all readers.

The Locus, its visual elements, logo, story, characters, and all related intellectual property
© 2016 Tony Ward. All rights reserved.

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June Fundraising Completed

Thanks to all who supported my June funding campaign for The Locus. I raised $702, which was enough to cover all the legal costs of protecting my brand and intellectual property, and produce good print materials of a script-only pitch packet. I also managed to submit it to one major publisher, so, fingers crossed!

Artwork is another story, though, so no character images to show until I can raise additional funding. If you'd like to donate toward this project, just scroll down...


June Fundraising

702.00 USD


STAGE 2 | $1000 total | 70% of goal

Provides minimal funding to hire a professional illustrator for 3-4 pages of supporting artwork.

Supporting The Locus is easy, secure, and very much appreciated! Simply click the link below and donate any amount via PayPal, credit or debit card, or bank transfer.


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