a graphic novel series created by tony ward


1622, Edo, Japan.


Chosen to the Locus

1668, Edo, Japan, age 46.



Kimi is a full-figured woman of strong stature, radiating confidence from her fierce black eyes. She stands about 5'3", and dresses in the manner of a well-to-do contemporary, preferring to blend in to the time and place in which she finds herself.


About Kimi

Kimi was in a position of privilege in her mortal years, having been married to an up-and-coming onnayata in the dawning of the golden  age of Kabuki theater. She was one of the oldest and most loved Companions when she suddenly disappeared, and since then she was  suspected in the murder of fellow Companion Marta, with whom Michael had just begun to develop a romantic affection. Devastated and enraged by this act of violent treason, Michael has sworn revenge against Kimi, while warning the others to be in a constant state of vigilance, should she strike again.

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