1891, near Aix-en-Provençe, France.


Chosen to the Locus

1918, Paris, age 27.



Méline stands at 5’2” and is well-toned. She wears her black hair short in a 1920s-style bob. She is naturally pale in complexion but spends a great deal of her time in the sun. Her eyes are a rare bluish-green, and convey much of her passion, emotion, and intensity.


About Méline

Méline was the only child of a vineyard worker. Her independent spirit and resistance to demureness angered her father, and their relationship turned emotionally abusive. She ran away from home and found herself the victim to sex traffickers, who forced her into prostitution in Paris. She was in mortal danger at the moment of her choosing, escaping a murderer with seconds to spare.


Méline is a liberal and openly emotional person, stubborn and erring on the side of impulsivity, but deeply committed to those she loves and respects. She sees Charles as the father figure she wished she had, and discovers in Jim a remarkable empathetic Connection which changes both their lives forever.

Preliminary character sketch (Tony Ward)

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