Michael SCALBY


16th century (date unknown), Scalby, England.


Chosen to the Locus

1623 (date unknown), Scalby.



Michael is an imposing figure. 68 years old. 6’ tall or so, thin but solid for his age. Fastidious and formal. Grey-blue eyes, not warm like Jim’s, but icy. Facial expressions hint at something between disdain and smugness. Not villainous, but definitely not collegial.


About Michael

Michael is the eldest of the Companions, both in physical age and date of Choosing. He has assumed a de facto position of leadership among the Companions, and is steadfastly determined to maintain the security and secrecy of the Locus. His stubbornness, self-righteousness, and quick temper make him an authoritarian figure the others have learned not to provoke. He is intensely guarded about his own feelings, to the point that fellow Companion Méline has begun to doubt whether he feels anything for anyone. Michael is the first to greet Jim in the Locus.

Preliminary character sketch (Tony Ward)

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