a graphic novel series created by tony ward


1975, Kohima Province, India.


Chosen to the Locus

1997, Kohima Province, India, age 22.



Priya is the youngest of the Companions. Petite in stature, with medium-length black hair and deep brown eyes. Priya is quite fond of traditional Indian clothing styles, and will sometimes adorn herself in bold, bright colors. She is never without a bindi, the traditional Hindu symbol of inner wisdom and spiritual perception, but will vary its color and opulence to suit her moods and company.


About Priya

Priya was surrounded by poverty and despair when she was chosen. She joyfully accepted this new life, and immediately set about to improve the condition of her village as best she can. She is prone to delight in nature and others' passions, and often expresses a youthful optimism. Priya is generally demure and soft-spoken, but no one who knows her would mistake this for a lack of courage or strength.

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