a graphic novel series created by tony ward


c. 1804, place of birth unknown.


Chosen to the Locus

1837, outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States, age approx. 33.



Samuel is a man of average height (5'9") and build, with just a hint of excess body fat on him. A round, amicable face. Tends to dress in open-collared shirts and slacks. Genial and soft-spoken.


About Samuel

Samuel was perhaps three years old when his family was separated in a slave auction. He spent his mortal life abused by a negligent plantation owner and a horrid overseer. After suffering another  auction in which he was separated from his wife, he managed to escape, ultimately finding himself delivered from his fugitive life to the Locus. The life of freedom beyond his farthest imagining has made him solemnly dedicated to the Companions; his ingenuity and intelligence have proven exceptionally useful to them ever since.

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